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How do I close my account?

Don’t leave us!!… but ok, if you want to go – you can always close your account down via your account settings. Once deleted, you will lose all your Doodlecoins, Doodlebot settings and progress.

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How I can I win the monthly prize?

Everyone who signs up to SnapperTime will be automatically entered into a monthly prize draw to win amazing prizes. The more challenges completed, the more chances you have of winning!

What’s a Doodlebot?

Doodlebot is the companion for your young adventurers. The Doodlebot is completely customisable and with more challenges completed, you will unlock more content for your Doodlebot.

What are Doodlecoins?

Doodlecoins is a fictional currency awarded to young adventurers who complete challenges.

What are challenges?

The challenges are the core to the SnapperTime experience. These great, hand picked challenges are designed to keep the entire family entertained. You can choose from a variety of challenges which are separate.

I have more than one child, how can I create a family account?

Unfortunately we do not support multi-accounts.

What happens to my information?

We at SnapperTime will never share your information WITH ANYONE! We store your information on a secured server SSL and we only keep it so we can send you cool stuff!

How do I sign up?

To sign up to SnapperTime, all you have to do is either click here or go to the homepage and use the sign up form.

What is SnapperTime?

SnapperTime is a chance for you to have big fun with your little adventurers.
It’s playtime that inspires creativity, and gets kids involved in activities which are fun, exciting and adventurous. It’s free to join, and provides a framework of challenges and rewards which encourage kids to get up and out there-enjoying time with you making memories and building self-confidence.
SnapperTime offers an antidote to screen time when you want your kids to be a little more ‘free range’ but you’re all out of ideas. It’s mostly outdoors, but we’ve devised some awesome indoor challenges too. (Because sometimes it’s nice to be cosy, right?)
There’s lots of super simple stuff, and other trickier challenges to test kids mettle (we’ll warn you of those.). You can pick from challenges that are arty, sciencey, outdoorsy, tasty or even heroic. But always fun.
Oh yes, and when kids have built up enough rewards (our super shiny SnapperTime Doodle Coins), we’ll send them a cool prize for playing nicely.
So, sign up and get involved. We’re in this together.
Unlock the Banksy, Bear Grylls, or Blumenthal in your little ones.

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