Grown ups!

All out of ideas for how to keep your little ones entertained at home? SnapperTime here to help you with our super fun challenges that inspire creativity, physical activity, curiosity and a love of the great outdoors – plus some of them feature familiar faces that your kids love too!

There’s a challenge for every little adventurer be they an awesome artist, creative cook, sensational science buff, eco warrior or an all round hero plus it’s playtime that you can get involved with too, otherwise simply set them up and on their way.

We’ve got lots of simple stuff as well as trickier challenges to test kids’ mettle (we’ll warn you of those!) so what are you waiting for? Take a look at our amazing challenges and start your little one’s adventure to great memories, self-confidence and all round awesomeness today!

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1. Track their progress with DoodleCoins & their own personal gallery!

With a SnapperTime profile every time your little one finishes a challenge and you upload a photo of what they’ve created, they’ll be rewarded with a shiny digital DoodleCoin PLUS all their photos of their creations get uploaded into their own personal gallery.


2. DoodleCoins mean PRIZES!

Every DoodleCoin your little adventurer earns in a month represents an entry into our monthly competitions. So the more challenges they complete, the more likely they are to WIN some awesome prizes!


3. DoodleBots

A DoodleBot a chance for your young adventurer to express themselves with their own awesome avitar as they explore their way through the many levels of SnapperTime! Every time your little one collects 8 DoodleCoins and completes a level they’ll also unlock some cool new stuff for their DoodleBot!


Keep it and play.

To get the most out of the amazing world of SnapperTime, it’s always a good idea to keep a stash of crafty
bits and bobs so you can get straight to your next adventure. So, to make things easier for you we’ve put
together a list of some SnapperTime essentials to get you started. Just remember:
Don’t throw it away… Keep it and play!

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