Inspiration for little adventurers

Grown ups!

SnapperTime is a chance for you to have big fun with your little adventurers.

It’s playtime that inspires creativity, and gets kids involved in activities which are fun, exciting and adventurous.

It’s free to join, and provides a framework of challenges and rewards which encourage kids to get up and out
there – enjoying time with you, making memories and building self-confidence.

SnapperTime offers an antidote to boredom when you’re
all out of ideas. It’s mostly outdoors, but we’ve devised some awesome indoor challenges too. (Because sometimes
it’s nice to be cosy, right?)

There’s lots of super simple stuff, and other trickier challenges to test kids’ mettle (We’ll warn you of those.). You
can pick from challenges that are arty, sciencey, outdoorsy, tasty or even heroic. But always fun.

Oh yes, and every month there’s a big competition giveaway for everyone who has submitted a challenge. The more challenges you’ve finished, the more times you’re entered into the draw!

So, sign up and get involved. We’re in this together.

Unlock the Banksy, Bear Grylls, or Blumenthal
in your little ones.

Doodle what?


At SnapperTime, little adventurers earn an
awesome digital DoodleCoin every time they
complete a challenge…

Doodlecoins mean


…and the more DoodleCoins they collect
the higher the chance they’ll have of
winning our monthly competition giveaway!


Keep it and play.

To get the most out of the amazing world of SnapperTime, it’s always a good idea to keep a stash of crafty
bits and bobs so you can get straight to your next adventure. So, to make things easier for you we’ve put
together a list of some SnapperTime essentials to get you started. Just remember:
Don’t throw it away… Keep it and play!

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